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Seleção de Agosto 2016 com os 7 videos de musica mais escutados de Nicki Minaj (incluindo as músicas The Boys e Fly) para assistir gratis e ouvir online. Na parte inferior da página você vai encontrar a letra da canção Envy, a opção de escrever seus comentários sobre N.M., e 10 albuns em CD's (como Justin Bieber S Believe), MP3 e discografia para comprar em Amazon. Recomendamos a ouvir os álbuns e as cançãos Pink Friday e , Hov Lane e I Am Your Leader.

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Pink Friday


High School

Marilyn Monroe
[Clipe] [Cover]


Super Bass
[Alta Definição] [Clipe] [Vivo]
Pink Friday

The Boys

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Canção do dia de Nicki Minaj: Envy - Letras das Canções

all they do is envy
don't they know what's in me?
don't they know i'm comin' back, swingin' for that envy
why would they offend me?
why they go against me?
don't they know i'm comin' back, swingin' for that ass
sw-swingin' for, sw-sw-sw-swingin' for
sw-swingin' for, sw-sw-sw-swingin' for
mercy, mercy, mercy
why they wanna curse me, curse me, curse me
thirsty, thirsty, thirsty
why they wanna curse me, curse me, curse me

[verse 1]
now every club promoter wanna bid like auctions
'cus i pack shows, sell tics like boston
pat your back ho, why the fuck they coughin'?
oh, i got 'em sick, better get that coffin
i say coffin', you can say casket
they're so trash, where's the waste basket?
where's my hat and where's my strait jacket?
yup, they jackin', back to maybachin'
everything i do, bitches wanna do it too
i guess-guess you just skip to my lou
i just came through, i flew to st. lou
back to kill you, they blew like hq
why is it that they make nicki a target?
just 'cus this lil piggy went to the market
marketing steps, they marketed sex
m-mark it with a x, they talkin' them checks now


[verse 2]
why did envy?
why you go against me?
when i got trendy, why you ain't commend me?
why when i needed it, why you couldn't lend me?
why you was secretive, frontin' like you friendly?
why did you fear that? held my career back
kick it like air max, i don't wanna hear that
'cus now i see-see-see-see all your run-down
niggas better have my money by sun down
'cus now when i come through i'm stylin' on 'em
it's like i got hotter than islands on 'em
they say she got colder than igloos; did she?
i'm in a gt, she in a mitsubishi
just left mr. miyagi
tell that bitch jump if that bitch feel froggy
'cus i got one leg up in the middle of the ring
and that bitch better duck when that bell go ding


i'm me, don't you like what you see
won't you get like me
'cus you thought that i would die
but i'm fine

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